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Whether it is a kitchen, or an all-out gut and remodel of your entire home, Christopher’s Construction will bring the same enthusiasm, and the necessary expertise, to make your dream vision a reality.


Through tenured relationships with countless bay area vendors and subcontractors we are able to deliver on the highest of expectations, at competitive costs. Projects requiring custom work, or specialty trade craftsman present an exciting opportunity to work outside of the box, and are a welcome challenge. Whatever the vision, we are eager to accommodate and attain our client’s desires for their project, while adding value and working within a budget.

New Construction

Every property owners dream, unencumbered building! Christopher’s Construction can build your exciting new project quickly, on time, and within budget.


Having built various single family homes, and multi residential developments from the ground up in San Francisco and Marin, Christopher’s Construction is familiar with city building codes, special requirements for new buildings, as well as coordinating new utility services, and installing energy cost saving value adding systems.  New construction requires all trade subcontractors be in full swing to execute a successful timely project. CCI’s network of trusted vendors, and experienced subcontractors deliver impeccably every time.

Design Build

Don’t have a full set of plans for your project, or need help selecting, and sourcing finishes? Christopher’s Construction has no problem helping you fill in all the gaps. Our extensive network of design professionals, and in house design team, can help put together the ideal finished product.


Christopher’s Construction is confident in working through projects with minimal direction up front, while providing guidance and options along the way to achieve your goals. Whether it’s modern, classic, contemporary, or historic design, we will work with you to add lasting value to your project.

Seismic Retrofitting

Christopher’s Construction has worked with various San Francisco residents responding to the soft story seismic retrofit ordinance imposed by SFDBI requiring that multi-family, wood framed buildings be brought up to code on earthquake safety. Having performing multiple seismic retrofits around San Francisco Christopher’s Construction is experienced in executing the various techniques of bracing and strengthening for soft story buildings, and can even provide insight on cost saving measures by proposing value engineering methods to the client for discussion with their Engineer & Architect.

Seismic retrofitting is also necessary when adding a new basement level, or additional floors to a building. We have an experienced team familiar with the various cribbing, shoring and excavation techniques to move your project along, minimizing the costs of retrofitting, and maximizing the potential of your exciting new addition.

604 Housing Inspections

Christopher's Construction is the premier provider of section 604 compliance inspections in San Francisco!


On September 17, 2003, the Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance # 192-02 which added Section 604 to the San Francisco Housing Code. Section 604 requires apartment houses, condominium buildings (of 3 dwellings or more) and hotels (6 guest rooms or more) to have all building appendages be inspected by a licensed general contractor, or other licensed professional.

Appendages are described as all wood and metal decks, balconies, landings, exit corridors, stairway systems, guardrails, handrails, fire escapes, or any parts thereof in weather-exposed areas (excluding interior building areas).

For more information visit our Section 604 Inspections website:

Commercial Construction

Commercial building requires a lot of upfront planning and coordination to deliver a project on time and without disruption to your business or building property management and owners.  Christopher's Construction's team of professionals are familiar with working on a tight deadlines, and coordinating with all the various party's involved, including specialty security and IT contractors, for seamless integration of all office operations.  Having completed various tenant improvement projects, building mechanical system upgrades, common area renovations, exterior facade renovations and restorations, we are confident in taking on any project! 

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